Compact Constant Head Permeameter


Compact, portable, and versatile
No field assembly required
5-L useful water capacity allows measurement of Ksat in most soils
Large opening for quick filling and refilling of reservoirs
Can be used on any landscape position without additional support
Water can be stored in the unit during transport and short term storage
Can be easily transported for measurement in remote locations
Constructed of durable PVC and ploycarbonate to withstand field use


With the Compact Constant Head Permeameter there is no need to wait for ground water to rise before Ksat can be determined in situ for drainage and/or irrigation.

Environmental: Use the Compact Constant HEad Permeameter to determine Ksat of the unsaturated zone for septic system design, landfill design, and retention pond construction.

Engineering: The Compact Constant Head Permeameter allows rapid measurement of Ksat at building sites, drainage systems, and road sides.

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